Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights (RTS)

Since my experience on Top Shot, I have really been bitten by the 3-Gun bug. I did well in my first couple of matches, but there was definitely room for improvement. My shooting wasn’t the problem, but I needed to get faster.

I compete in Tactical Optics division, and part of my problem was that on my rifle, I only had 1 usable sighting system – my trusty Trijicon ACOG. ACOGs do not allow for an iron sight co-witness, and rules prevent me from using a secondary red dot sight so I was burning time finding the close targets through my 4x power optic. Some friends of mine turned me on to the Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sights (RTS), which sit off the rifle at a 45* angle.

(See Jamie Franks ‘Zombie Hunter’ Specs here)

Dueck Defense Rapid Transition SightsAt first I wasn’t sure about them, but in a very short time I have found them to be everything they are advertised to be, and more. Just like anything that you would buy over the internet, you can never be certain of the quality. When my sights arrived, I was very pleased to find that the sights were obviously very precision and high quality items. The sights are designed to mount to a picatinny rail, so installation was quick and painless. When installed in accordance with the instructions, and using a little blue thread-lock, the sights are rock solid. I haven’t detected the slightest bit of movement, or any shift in my zero since installing them. The sights’ mounting brackets are very low profile. When mounting the rear sight, I had plenty of clearance underneath my ACOG. A perfect fit!

As a 14-year active duty military member, I have put tens of thousands of rounds through M4s and M16s. The RTS are M16 style sights, so acquiring targets with them comes very fast and very natural to me. Transitioning from the ACOG to the RTS is very VERY quick! The movement to transition from my optic to the RTS is small and short, and requires no altering of my ingrained shooting stance. I cannot overemphasize how natural these sights feel, and how quickly I was able to master using them. In fact, right after I got the sights zeroed, I put 2 targets out and shot a 3- shot group from the ACOG, transitioned to the second target and shot another 3-shot group with the RTS. I was very surprised, pleased and amused to see that my group with the RTS was actually tighter than the group with the ACOG (shooting off-hand at 50 yards).

In my last 3-Gun match, I found myself using my RTS sights more than my ACOG. These RTS sights are DEFINITELY going to be a permanent addition to my rifle. Having flip-up BUIS (Back Up Iron Sights) installed under your optic on a battle rifle has become a standard practice in the AR world. I ran a setup like that for years. The major problem is that it is painfully slow to pull your rifle in, remove and stow your optic, flip up your BUIS, and then punch back out and attempt to reacquire your target. That’s time and movement that could possibly be very costly. I doubt if I could remove my ACOG and flip-up my BUIS, and engage a target in less than 30 seconds. Transitioning to the RTS takes a fraction of 1 second.

From my experience with these sights so far, I can honestly say that I would not hesitate to take them to Afghanistan on my service rifle. Overall, I am very impressed with this product. I literally cannot think of a single thing that I would improve. I highly recommend these Rapid Transition Sights from Dueck Defense!

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