Noveske Gen-II + SureFire Hi-Cap = No Go!

Coming off of the 2011 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals, I felt like I needed a faster and more accurate rifle with a better trigger. Instead of rebuilding my old rifle for the 5th time, I decided to put together a whole new rifle.

For my new 3-Gun rifle, I decided to build it on the new Noveske Rifleworks Generation-II Lower Receiver. Upon comletion of the build, I stumbled across something that I had previously read or heard nothing about. Perhaps it’s because the Noveske Gen-II Lower, and the SureFire 60-Round and 100-Round High Capacity Magazines are so new, that nobody else has attempted to use these new and popular products together.

Upon attempting to insert my SureFire 60-Round Hi-Cap magazine into Noveske Gen-II forged lowermy new Noveske Gen-II lower receiver, I discovered that they will not clear each other, and therefore will not fit, and work.

The problem is that the Noveske Gen-II forged lower’s main unique feature is the gorgeous and smooth flared magazine well. This flared out feature on the mag well extends the bottom of the well approximately 1/4″ below that of a standard MILSPEC lower receiver magazine well. Couple that with the fact that the body of the SureFire High Capacity Magazines are designed to also flare out, and be double the width of a standard 30-round magazine, and you’ve got a clearance issue.

SureFire magazine
Since the SureFire magazines were designed with MILSPEC rifles in mind, they are fit precisely to flare out at exactly where the magazine well terminates. Therefore I suspect (but can not confirm) that this same clearance problem would be an issue with any AR-15 that has any type of extension on the magazine well (such as the Arredondo AR Mag Wells).