Top Shot Contestant

Jamie Franks Top Shot ContestantIn 2010 Jamie was recruited to compete in the hit reality marksmanship competition series ‘Top Shot Season-2″ on the History Channel. Jamie finished in 5th Place, and at the time of his elimination was statistically the best shooter of the remaining competitors and had competed in every team challenge, every individual challenge, and every possible elimination challenge. Jamie won 3 of 4 elimination challenges, and placed 2nd or 1st in every individual challenge. Based on his superior performance on Top Shot Season-2, he was invited back to compete as a Top Shot All-Star in 2013, where he achieved note during ‘The Mile Shot’ challenge when he hit a target at 1,760 yards in a single shot in 30 seconds. He was eliminated in week-7, coming in 10th place.

Since competing in Top Shot, Jamie has become a top-ranked shooter in 3-Gun, and also competed in Action Shotgun, Action Pistol, Precision Long-Range, Run & Gun endurance shooting competitions, and finished in the top 15% of the 2015 World Shooting Championship (35th of 220 of the best marksmen in the world). Jamie is also a civilian Personal Defense and Combat Shooting instructor.